In the year 2001 E. Bitsopoulos ABEE renewed its entire equipment, replacing the ceramic ovens with modern cyclothermic ones, adding an new bun-production line to the existing ones.
In the year 2004, our company aimed at HACCP and ISO certifications, which it received in the form of ISO 9001:2000 from the company BM TRADA.
In the year 2009, after some necessary modifications in the facilities and the equipment, the company proceeded in further training of its personell through seminars thematizing food hygiene, obtaining the ISO 22000:2005 from the TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS.


<a title=”Σύστημα Διαχείρησης Ποιοτικού Ελέγχου ISO 22000:2005″ href=”https://www.mpitsopoulos.gr/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/CERT_MPITSOPOULOS.pdf” target=”_blank”>Σύστημα Διαχείρησης Ποιοτικού Ελέγχου ISO 22000:2005</a>